Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bibliophile #2

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If you're feeling...

     like a light-hearted, warm story would hit the spot
     like pulling up a chair to listen to a table full of unique friends banter back and forth
     like getting to live in a part of history that perhaps you knew nothing about
     like cheering for a flawed but witty and kind-hearted heroine that will make you laugh out loud
     like you can relate to a desire for community in a simple place and a wish for meaning in your career and love life

then you need to read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Annie Burrows and Mary Ann Shaffer.

It makes you think of these happy things:

Honestly, I dragged my heels in reading this book. It is written as a series of letters and I assumed it would be a stretch to feel like I could really immerse myself in the story. But it wasn't. It was genius. I read the book quite quickly and now I plan on passing it along to my fabulous grandmother. How often can you say about a book that it was charming to you and will also be charming to your grandmother? Good writing makes that possible.

If you're interested, read this 2008 interview with Mary Ann Shaffer about the book. Her aunt, Annie Burrows, began the book but passed away during the process. They have a sweet story to tell.

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