Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Road Trip

Husband and I are headed to Florida for Thanksgiving and to be a part of what will be a wonderful, wonderful wedding of a dear friend. The best kind. 

To pass the time on the drive, I will be sipping on a Starbucks holiday drink (can't decide which one yet) and catching up my magazine reading with this:
Image of Volume Two
kinfolk magazine

Please, read Kinfolk if you haven't read it yet. It is a book-type magazine that comes out every few months and features small gatherings. The concept is simple and refreshing...no gorgeous models telling me what to wear, making me feel frumpy. No barrage of colorful ads and pictures of items that make me discontent with what I already have. It has beautiful, clean writing and even more poetic and inspiring pictures about gatherings that we can all re-create. Thanksgiving really is such a gathering anyway.

Since my husband is staunchly against Christmas music before Thanksgiving, I am going to force him to listen to "Thanksgiving" and "The Gladdest Thing" by Deb Talan. She is one half of the folk-pop duo The Weepies and she has a folksy, slow sound that makes me think of this particular holiday. 

Enjoy this happy song by listening to it HERE on YouTube.

Happy travels to friends making it home for Thanksgiving!!


  1. Oh, I think I would love this magazine! Thanks for sharing it!
    I'm with your husband: no Christmas music before Thanksgiving (no Christmas anything as a matter of fact, as far as I'm concerned)
    One holiday at a time ;)
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  2. Kiiiiim!!! I could look at Kinfolk and listen to the Weepies all day long. That all sounds wonderful!