Friday, November 30, 2012

Weekend Exploring 3

via katie's pencil box

Have a child who is driving you crazy for an iphone? Fake them out with this kinder toy instead. I love that the earbuds are the erasers!

DIY project from A Beautiful Mess: hand stamping your own cloth napkins. Possibilities are endless.

Check out this 20-minute web documentary featuring one of my favorite photographers and a guy who has a massive following on Instagram. It compares pro photography and the Instagram phenomenon. Thought it was interesting!

25 Christmas books for this list for kids. This blogger reads one Christmas book to her kids each night in December until Christmas.

Did you see that Laurel Dawn from Abode Love is now offering mini paintings? Christmas gift anyone?!

Love awkward family photos, especially Christmas ones. You, too could have been born into this family:

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