Saturday, January 19, 2013

I've been gone for a while.

It was needed, even though I had just started this blog and the timing could have been a tad better. We had the Christmas holidays with all its busyness, craziness, and happiness. It was a sweet, sweet time with family despite getting sick for weeks and weeks.

Just before Christmas, Phil & I got to go on a solitude/silent retreat at Sharptop Cove. It was glorious for this introvert and a sweet time to reflect on Advent and my own coming child. It even helped us decide on a name (FINALLY!). When I came back, I wanted to pare back from pinterest, facebook, blog, etc. I was tired. I wanted simplicity for a while and quality time in front of people, not just on the phone or computer.

Now, we are less than two weeks from when this baby boy is supposed to arrive!

Phil & I have no idea what we are doing and we pretty excited to figure it out together. A HUGE thank you to our friends and family for helping us prepare in a million different ways.

Now, we wait!

This is a peice of artwork, Silence by Odilon Redon that was part of what I meditated on during the silent retreat. Thought it would be fun in you wanted to use it in your own silent, slow-down times. I also had come across this quote that complemented it - "The Holy Spirit is the companion of silence" (via The Book of Symbols)