Tuesday, March 12, 2013


A new baby means a new pattern to life...and I definitely haven't figured mine out yet. Somehow, I want to fit in a few hours of work, a few hours to cook/meal plan, an hour to write and read, time with my husband, and time for getting together with friends. Did I mention that I have an infant? I suppose I will add him to that list too. No big deal, right?

This morning started at around 5:15AM. Feed baby. Change baby. Hang out with baby and hope he goes back to sleep. Shower. Make chicken salad (recipe to come later if it is a good one...haven't tried it yet!) while trying to gulp down the coffee that my sweet husband brought me. Feed baby and hope he goes back to sleep. Make chocolate chip cookies and rock baby in his cradle with my foot at the same time. Sit down to blog and hang out with baby who is smiling happily definitely crying as I type.

It isn't even noon yet! Noon is when I have a few girlfriends coming over to share a picnic lunch with.. I sure hope baby goes back to sleep. And I haven't clocked in to work yet!

I can only shake my head and chuckle at how life has changed.

My prayer is that it makes me into a more disciplined gal who values the time she spends with others in a deeper way because it isn't taken for granted.  Because I had to really work to carve out that time.

My prayer is also that I will let go of how I look or my house looks to just enjoy this new motherhood season and invite others into the craziness instead of covering it up.

My prayer is that I will still love my husband and value my marriage first (although I am finding it is the easiest thing to put last if I'm not intentional) because I want Luke to be a part of a God-centered and marriage-centered family.

Easier said than done...which is why these are prayers that are being worked through in hopes of becoming reality.

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. Love you thoughts! Thank you for letting us into your craziness instead of trying to cover it up. I like it!
    And the chicken salad was good (says the (ex)vegetarian). Recipe, please!